A Good Understanding

I Samuel 25:3 says that Abigail was a woman of good understanding…..


Abigail had ‘good understanding’ when king David’s men were protecting the sheep of the churlish Nabal.  She was able to diffuse the situation that had been incited by her husband.

Abigail displayed wisdom! She understood that her husband was a volatile man.  She understood that the situation could get very bad very quick.  She gathered that others would be ill effected if something was not done to quash the emotion.  While surrendering herself to a particular action she was able to spare her husband a certain death at the hand of the angry king.


Solomon wrote in Proverbs 3:3-4 that if we can keep mercy and truth close to our heart, in the forefront of our thoughts, we can have good understanding in the sight of God and man.  That was Abigail!

How we handle the inevitable situations of life show whether we posses good understanding.  How we manage the unexpected would be an indicator of good understanding or lack thereof.


Psalm 111:10 puts more light on the subject of good understanding.  “….a good understanding have all they that do His commandments….”  I suppose the text is teaching us that our obedience to God proves we have good understanding.  When we DO His commandments, when we obey Him, we have proven that we understand.  We are held to His will, and word.  We are locked into a position that takes the choice out of our hand and places it on Him.  We have decided that this is the best course of action.  Why not obey the King?  It just makes sense.  Only a person that lacks understanding would rebel against God!

Just living daily in obedience to God shows good understanding.  In our days, our living,  the practical application of God’s word and submission to His will show good understanding. 


I have known plenty of folks with lofty words, high ideas about some text or a philosophy springing from a bible truth but the best display of intelligence is simple obedience to what God has said.  That shows a good understanding.


Just a Thought

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