Whose Priorities?

Every day most of us live our lives by some schedule.  We conduct our days in a way to care for the responsibilities of our lives.  We all have duties that arise from taking on certain responsibilities.  These duties come from home or family, church, work, and maybe a hobby. The greater of these responsibilities will determine the priorities of the day or season.


Our priorities can be stressful mainly because they are the most important to ourselves or others that are looking to us. 

There are reasons for the stress.  We might have time constraints,  maybe we simply lack the ability to accomplish the task or possibly we are simply being hindered and our frustration level is rising! NOTHING IS GOING RIGHT might be our cry!  People, issues, and obstacles all keeping us from our priorities.  We tend to live in a “self” world that does not take kindly to obstructions. Strange how one can lose their temper over something  insignificant and on any other day would barely be a bother. I leave you to consider the illustration of your personal driving habits.


In Mark 4:35 Jesus told the disciples, “Let us pass over to the other side.” Seems easy enough so, this became their priority.  However, great obstacles came and with that their stress level rose dramatically. Suddenly, without warning, nothing was going right! Immediately, there were grave obstacles to their priority of getting to the other side. The ship was being tossed and it was taking on water.  Why can’t it be easy just once! Why can’t we get a break!?

This event was desperate. So much so, they accused Jesus of not caring for them at all not even caring if they died!

 In a fashion unbecoming a mere man He arose and instantly stilled the storm.  He asks them how they got to such a fearful place? How they could get so out of sorts that they lost their faith? How had their frustrations brought them to utter disbelief?


Take notice of this.

God has priorities for us also. Lessons that we are to learn. These life lessons take priority over my to do list. Expect these Fatherly priorities to disrupt your plans.  Jesus told them they were going to get to the other side but along the way a lesson needed to be taught.

I learn that God is not as concerned with my luxury (ease/comfort) as He is me learning the lessons.  My Father would have me uncomfortable in the immediate if it means He can teach me how to have peace throughout my future.


Those disciples figured it out after the lesson….”What manner of man is this…?”

The greatest and often most meaningful truths are learned in the struggle, in the arena.


Think on these things.

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