We all know the 23rd Psalm. It has proved comforting from the fireside to the graveside. A very present help in time of trouble. 


God’s words to His people are always purposeful words no matter the circumstance of life.  Our Lord is always preparing His people for whatever

challenge they might encounter.  He writes to us personally telling us and likely reminding us that we are not alone.


Being a shepherd in biblical times was far from a high-status occupation.  The shepherds were likely caring for someone else’s sheep, on the hook

if one were lost or killed.  The work was demanding when you consider all weather conditions and the constant threat of predators.  These men were caring for dirty, smelly, not so bright animals.


Amazingly, God likens Himself to a shepherd!  Telling us that He is right here with us in the dirt, the danger, and the storms.  The bible refers to us as the sheep who’s only responsibility was to hear and follow the shepherd. 


That is the message for us all. 


Many of God’s people are shaken trying to absorb news of coronavirus, the troubled economy, and the current rioting in the streets.  We might be terribly afraid, both for our own well being and the situation of those we love.  In our fear and confusion, God is with us, we are never alone.  Our God is not distant and uncaring, but comes near to share in our circumstance.


Let us learn two valuable lessons…

God’s love and care for us is always greater than we can understand


We are never alone


Think on these things