The word life means different things to different folks when evaluated.  For some it is their material things, for some it is the experiences of living ( health, careers, family etc).

Consider that the word life would expose the contrast in ages.  A child or teenager would clearly view life differently than a middle aged adult.

The word life creates an explanation that undoubtedly differs from one person to another.

So, what would you say if confronted with the challenge to define your life?  The Bible answers the question in one fashion very plainly.  In James 4:14 life is referred to as a vapor.  The context of the verse speaks to life in its brevity but that does not deal with the fullness of ones life.


My reading this morning put me in Psalm 42 and primarily verse two “the living God” and verse eight “the God of my life”.


The writers appeal is to the living God by comparison not a dead idol from a dead religion.  Thank God He lives! 



That God is alive. His mercies are new every morning.

That God lives in every one of His blood bought children.

That the more I recognize and respond to His life as found in His word the more He will be my Life.


Watch this….Not only is He alive and real giving me life but I will only grasp the fullness of God when He becomes my life’s focus.

He gives me new life so He can become my life.

We all have our perspective of life however, for you and I God should become more and more OUR LIFE.

Would we be able this morning to declare with the psalmist if confronted with the question of life…..God is my life?


Think on these things


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