I notice that we have in Nehemiah 7 two men, Hanani, brother to Nehemiah and another Hananiah who was given “charge over Jerusalem”.

Verse four tells us the condition of the city.  It was large and expansive but not many people because the dwellings were not completed.

Nonetheless, with a completed wall, the city would need governing no matter its current or future condition. 

This task was given to the faithful and God fearing.

Consider quickly that FAITHFULNESS to the tasks when Jerusalem is small will help guarantee the same when the city is more populated. 

Furthermore, a man that FEARS GOD is not likely to be corrupted by inevitable evil influences.


As a man that works near to faithful people that fear God would like to say hooray for such character.  This world is full of selfish, self centered people.

I am considering these words as I read the text:




Life well lived

Lasting in the labor


I pray daily that God would richly bless the faithful that fear Him.  They are most deserving.