It was a popular phrase some years back, NO FEAR. 

Common among the younger generation, I suppose, to declare by t-shirt or bumper sticker just how bold they believed themselves.  


There is also a “NO FEAR” that has lived as long as there has been sin in man. 

The description before us shows the cause of this lifestyle

It is said that sin has a voice to godly ears.  Or, in other words, a true saint is conscious of sins committed and thereby forced to deal with the same.

Whether the sin is ignored or repented of, either way,  the crime is acknowledged and dealt with.

What of this fearless one in Psalm 36? Could we say that this godless one lacks respect for the great Judge? Can we not judge that despite their holy professions, the actions of such speak to a complete lack of respect for God?  Unholiness is clear evidence of ungodliness.


Consider that if God is everywhere, and one actually fears Him, how can one wantonly break His laws in His presence?  What a treacherous act to conduct one’s self adversely to the tenants of the Great Provider.


Note further the extreme case of this one with “ NO FEAR”.

It is not the imperfection or shortcoming in the fear of God, but being destitute of it altogether, that proves his wickedness.

Total depravity is not too extreme a term to describe the wicked. The sinner has NO FEAR OF GOD therefore any crime is possible.

Where there is this lack of acknowledgment of God there can be no holiness.  If there is no holiness there can be no righteousness and that is the definition of depravity.

Eventually, according to verse two, the only conversation is within himself and it does not include God.  The fearless has no conflict with the Eternal One or His word and he has covered his conduct with self congratulatory thinking.

“ The wicked man has no regard to the oracles of God: he had one in his own heart, which dictates nothing but rebellion.” Z. Mudge


NO FEAR towards God is a dangerous course.