For in thee, O Lord, do I hope…..

In Psalm 38:15 David expresses the condition of every saint that is concerned with God’s direction in their life, they are hoping. This psalm speaks to the adversity the writer is suffering and his final conclusion.

He speaks of his sin in verse four, of the failure of relationships as a result of the sin in verse eleven.  He decides that the reproaches and slanders hurled his way are to be avoided and ignored and his only concern is what the Lord can and will do.


Notice he hopes, a confident waiting, in the Lord.  That strikes me as the reason for all things spiritual.  This is the invitation of the Holy Spirit into our realm where it is God and me.  There are no others distracting, clouding the circumstances, or inducing opinions into the equation, just my Father and me.  Now God has our attention and His Spirit begins to teach, to talk, to direct.

David said he hopes. 

HOPE is why you read and meditate on God’s word.

HOPE is why you pray. 

HOPE  is why you attend church. 

HOPE is why you win souls. 

HOPE is why you give.

HOPE is why you implement what the bible teaches into your life and home. 

HOPE is exclusion of all the others and the embrace of ONE.

HOPE is tuning out many for the tuning in of the singular.


I am listening Lord!  All others are gone or are now careless to my plight.  Father you have silenced the ever vocal ones in my life and set me in a solitary place where I wait confidently on your working.  “Make haste to help me, O Lord my salvation”