Mark 4:36


Jesus has been teaching all day and the evening is approaching.  There is a journey to take about six miles across the sea and a storm to encounter, much is about to happen in one night.  The experienced men of the sea that had left their nets to follow Jesus were present and no doubt confident that they could navigate waters that night as they had at other times.  There is no thought of trouble, it has been a good day, much had been accomplished, the people are sent away and all is well.  However, a storm is brewing.

Mark says our Lord stepped on board “as he was”. 

I note that we all need Jesus ON BOARD.  He must be present if you are to sail safely.  He must be present if you are to sail confidently and securely. Too many of us naturally desire to sail on without the Lord.  Our pride has us convinced that we are “good” and the need for further instruction or instruction at all is unnecessary.


I see next that we should take HIM AS HE IS not as we want Him to be. It is so common for us to make a god that will be suitable to our tastes or likes.  Idolatry is not new and has been a tool of the enemy for hundreds of years.  But what of the saints that belong to God yet cannot receive Jesus into their ship as he is? There are many that want God to be like they think He should be, a sort of specialized charm complete with likeminded thoughts, motives, and character.   A God all to themselves to see things as they see things.


A word of advice…..Jesus is not going to change, but He will change us.  That’s the way He is. He is loving, wise, strong, and holy.  We are mean, foolish, weak, and sinful.  WHAT HE IS AND WHAT WE ARE CANNOT COEXIST.  One of us will have to change, and it will not be Him.  Hebrews 13:8 tells us He will be what He has always been through eternity.  Zacchaeus received Him as He was, and Zacchaeus was changed.  Peter received Him as He was, and Peter was changed. 


Romans 8:29 “ For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son…” 


We take Him aboard our lives, however, as He is because He wants to make us as He is (I john 1:17).  You see a storm is brewing.