Rousing Satan

Let us not be shocked that the world despises Christ In Us.  Do not be dismayed that one ‘renders evil for good’ and you suddenly have an adversary.

If we follow that form that the world presents we will always have peace with the world.  There is no challenge or argument as long as we flow their way. But to shame them by a godly life is an affront they will not tolerate. To rebuke their sin, finds at their hand all that Satan, once provoked, can devise.  A sleeping dog is quiet, but when stirred, turns to bark and bite.

Not to live as the world would have us live is enough to stir anger, but a reproof is a high degree of disgrace.  All that hatred one should bear toward Satan is turned toward God in his rebuking servant.  The anger that should burn in remorse for their own sin will seethe toward the reprover.